The HotForex PAMM Program allows investors to invest funds in experienced PAMM Fund Managers who trade the markets on their behalf. PAMM Managers earn a pre-agreed Success Fee when they make a profit for their investors.


  • A Manager opens a PAMM Account and activates the account by allocating his initial investments as the Manager's Capital. PAMM Manager Account will be unlisted from the active PAMM Rankings in case the Manager's Capital is withdrawn. This serves as an additional motivation for the manager to demonstrate cautiousness in his trading. Then the Manager decides on his Offer, in which he lists the terms for any investor that wants to invest in his account.
  • Investors search through the PAMM Account Rankings to find the Manager they would like to invest in.
  • Once Investor(s) invest in a Manager’s PAMM account, the Manager will start making trades on the account using both his personal capital (Manager’s Capital) and the funds of his investor(s). Profits and losses in the account are divided amongst the manager and the investor(s) based on their share in the account.
Manager George 投资者约翰 投资者彼得
Initial Investment 3,000 USD 5,000 USD 2,000 USD
Current Balance 3,000 USD 5,000 USD 2,000 USD

An experienced trader (George) opens a PAMM Manager Account with HotForex, making an initial investment of 3,000 USD into the account, which is his Manager’s Capital. George is now a PAMM Fund Manager.

After trading on his account for at least a month, Manager George established a trading track record. He then decides to publish his PAMM Manager offer and starts accepting clients. In his PAMM Manager offer he states that his Success Fee will be 10% of each investor’s share of the profits on the account.


Therefore, at the beginning of the Trading month the total balance of the PAMM account is 10,000 USD.

Manager George 投资者约翰 投资者彼得
Initial Investment 3,000 USD 5,000 USD 2,000 USD
Closed P/L 1,200 USD 2,000 USD 800 USD
Success Fees (120 USD) (200 USD) (80 USD)
Amount Withdrawn (1,080 USD) (0 USD) (720 USD)
Current Balance 3,000 USD 6,800 USD 2,000 USD



  • 投资者约翰最初在账户中投资了5,000美元并赚取利润2,000美元(40%)。他支付给基金经理200美元或本金额的10%的交易酬金。
  • 投资者彼得最初始在账户中投资了800美元并赚取了800美元的利润。他将支付给基金经理80美元的交易酬金.
  • 基金经理George初始投资3,000美元并将获得他的1,200美元的利润,同时将获得他的成功费。


  • 投资者约翰:1,800美元
  • 投资者彼得:720美元
  • 1,080美元(不包括400美元来自所有3个投资者账户的交易酬金 - 直接支付给基金经理的HotForex钱包账户)
Manager George 投资者约翰 投资者彼得 投资者珍妮
Investment 3,000 USD 5,000 USD 2,000 USD 990 USD
Current Balance* 3,000 USD 6,800 USD 2,000 USD 2,000 USD





Manager George 投资者约翰 投资者彼得 投资者珍妮
Investment 3,000 USD 6,800 USD 2,000 USD 990 USD
Closed P/L 3,000 USD 6,800 USD 2,000 USD 990 USD
Success Fees (300 USD) (680 USD) (200 USD) (99 USD)
Current Balance 5,700 USD 12,920 USD 3,800 USD 1,881 USD



  • 投资者约翰赚取6,800美元(12790中的*23.45%的利润)。他将支付680美元的交易酬金给他的基金经理。
  • 投资者彼得赚取2,000美元(12790中的*15,64%的利润)。他将支付200美元的交易酬金给他的基金经理。
  • 投资者珍妮赚取990美元(12790中的*7.74%的利润)。她将支付99美元的交易酬金给他的基金经理

基金经理George从所有4个投资者账户中共获得1279美元的交易酬金,2700盈利交易(利润 - 成功费)。所有4方在这个交易期后一个月的余额为:

  • Investor John: 12,920 USD
  • Investor Peter: 3.800 USD
  • Investor Jenny: 1881 USD
  • 5700美金(不包括1,279美元来自所有4个投资者账户的交易酬金 - 直接支付给基金经理的HotForex钱包账户)
Risk Warning: Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital. Please read the full 风险声明