A PAMM Manager is a HotForex client who has taken on the responsibility of managing his own funds alongside that of other clients. This arrangement gives the Manager access to a large pool of funds and gives less experienced clients a way to earn money on Forex and related markets without having to do the trading themselves. As a compensation for the successful trading the Manager receives a share of the profits earned by the Investor.

To become a HotForex PAMM manager:

    • Log in to your myHF
    • Click on PAMM V2 Accounts → My Manager Accounts
    • Digitally sign the PAMM Terms and Conditions and the LPOA to proceed.
    • Complete all fields in the Create PAMM Manager Account
    • Click on Open Fund Manager Account to confirm parameters for the Manager Account.
    • Click on Add Funds to make a deposit in the PAMM Manager Account and activate it.

The Manager's Capital is the managers investment in his own PAMM Manager account which helps guarantee that the account will be treated with the best interests of the Investors in mind. As a result, the risks and benefits are shared between the Fund Manager and the Investors.

The amount of Manager's Capital that needs to be invested in a PAMM Manager account is the same as the Minimum Deposit (the minimum amount an Investor needs to deposit in order to participate in the PAMM Manager Account.)

Attention: Fund Manager must maintain the amount of minimum deposit required (or higher) on the Manager Capital Account. If funds are withdrawn, PAMM Manager account will be disabled and will not be able to accept new Investors.

Managers have to make a deposit as Manager's Capital Account or as their own private investment. In either case, the funds need to be deposited to the Manager's Investor Account.

    • Login to myHF area
    • click on Add Funds on the required Manager Account to move funds from your myHF Wallet to the Manager Account as your Manager Capital Account (MCA).


The Minimum Deposit can only be equal or in excess of the Minimum Deposit Amount set on the Manager Account.

There are two methods of the Rollover execution which specifies the type of open positions partial closures during the withdrawal from PAMM Manager account. The Rollover Type under which the the trading adjustment will be carried is selected at the New PAMM Manager account opening. You can select one of the following:

  • Always Reduce - partial closure of open trades on a PAMM Manager Account will always be executed at the rollover in order to allow for a withdrawal of funds.
  • Free Margin – pending withdrawal amount will be deducted from the free margin of the PAMM Manager account (no partial trades closure will be performed). In this case, after withdrawals are executed, PAMM Managers have to make sure to reduce open positions according to their trading strategy. The partial closure of the positions will be executed only if the total Net of Withdrawals is equal or exceeds the 80% of the Free Margin of the PAMM Manager account.

Managers may set up to not disclose their Trading Activity on the Performance Page which means Investors will not be able to view the information about the Manager's trading.

To disable the Trading Activity on the Performance Page, please contact pamm@hotforex.com

The Manager cannot change a live PAMM account type. In this case the Manager needs to open a new Manager PAMM account.

Fund Managers are required to maintain a balance of no less than the Minimum Deposit Amount on their Manager Capital Account (MCA) in all of their PAMM Manager Accounts.

In case the Fund Manager effects a withdrawal and balance of the MCA drops below the Minimum Deposit Amount requirement, the Manager Account is made inactive and removed from the list of active PAMM Fund Managers.

Inactive PAMM Manager Accounts cannot accept new investors. Only after the Fund Manager re-deposits the required amount in the PAMM Manager Account that it is listed back as an active account.


PAMM Fund Manager Account is not made inactive in case MCA dropped due to losses incurred on the Manager Account. Manager Account is made inactive only if withdrawal is detected (as detailed above).

Following an inactive period of 6 months since the last trade, the Manager Account will be removed from the rankings of active PAMM accounts and archived within myHF.

However, the PAMM Manager Account will remain accessible to the Fund Managers through their own myHF and will be listed as inactive on the PAMM Rankings.

New investors will not be able to join the PAMM Account whilst existing investors in the Manager Account will not be able to effect further new deposits.

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