• Registration of the Investor account is required in order to be able to accept Manager's offer and Invest under PAMM Manager. From this account you will be processing all financial operation as deposits and withdrawals under any PAMM Manager of your choice. To open an Investor account, from your myHF area, you need to select PAMM V2 Accounts, choose My Investor Account and proceed with the instructions.
  • In order to invest under PAMM Manager please choose My Investor Account and click on Choose New Fund Manager. You will be redirected to the Performance Page of the PAMM Managers. Once the Managers' offers have been carefully reviewed by you, the Investment can be initiated by selecting 'Add Funds into…' tab on the chosen PAMM Manager page.
  • In order to redeposit into previously selected PAMM Manager, please choose 'Add Fund' next to the specific PAMM Manager under your My Investor Account section. Deposits requests are processed instantly if there are no open trades on the PAMM Manager account. In case the PAMM Manager which you are funding is currently holding open positions on the account your deposit will be set as pending and processed on the rollover as follows:
    • Funded before 24:00 Server Time - Processed at 12:30 Server Time.
    • Funded after 24:00 Server Time - Processed at 12:30 Server Time the following trading day.
  • To diversity the risks and enhance the potential returns, Investors may join multiple PAMM Manager Accounts.
  • After you login to myHF area, simply select the ‘Choose Fund Manager’ from the My Investor Account tab.

    You will then be able to select the manager you want to invest in. If you want to invest in multiple managers simply repeat the process and select additional Managers. You will be able to choose how much funds to invest in each manager.
  • All three figures can be found next to PAMM Manager account which you have Invested in and they stand for:

  • My Balance represents the sum of your deposits, withdrawals, paid fees/charges and closed P/L.
    My Equity represents the current level of your investment. It is calculated as the Balance + P/L of open trades.
    Value of Investment refers to your daily updated investment level. It is calculated as Balance + P/L of open trades at the most recent rollover time.

To withdraw your equity from a PAMM Manager Account to your myHF Wallet, you simply need to:

    • Log in to your myHF
    • When logged in to myHF -> My Investor Account -> Remove Funds *
    • select the most suitable withdrawal type
    • enter myHF Account Password
    • enter Amount to Cash Out using the digital keyboard
    • click on Remove Funds to proceed with withdrawal


  • If a withdrawal request is submitted before 24:00 (Server Time,) the withdrawal will be set for rollover at 12:30 (Server Time).
  • If the withdrawal is submitted after 24:00 (Server Time), the withdrawal will be scheduled for the following trading day rollover (12:30 Server Time).

    There are three different withdrawal types that you can select when removing your funds:

    Profit Only:
    • This option will be available only if profit has been generated on your account. In this case the withdrawal of all available profit at the rollover time will be processed regardless of the requested amount.
    Standard Withdrawal:
    • Enter the amount to be deducted from the equity at the rollover. In case your account equity drops below the requested withdrawal amount at the rollover time, withdrawal of the all available equity amount will be processed.
    Account Closure:
    • If you wish to remove your Investment from the PAMM Manager, system will automatically enter the amount to Cash Out. Withdrawal of all available equity at the rollover time will be processed regardless of the requested amount. Investor Account participation under selected PAMM Manager will be terminated after the completion of the withdrawal.

To view the closed trades on your Investor Account, refer to the Trades on your myHF

  • Login to myHF area → My Investor Account
  • Select 'Trades'

By clicking on the red plus next to the trade ticket number daily share of P/L captured at every rollover processed during the trade will appear. The daily share of the trade P/L can be reviewed for both closed and open trades.

Rescue Level specifies the percentage of sub account balance that an investor can keep secured in case loss.

On the PAMM Fund Managers list, all Manager Accounts with R next to their trading name would indicate the availability of Rescue Level feature to investors..

It can be activated while effecting the initial deposit in a PAMM Manager, and should be readjusted following every deposit/withdrawal made to a PAMM Manager Account. Rescue Level will be based on your new balance after the deposit/withdrawal completion.


In case of full stop out on the PAMM Manager Account, no Rescue Level will be triggered.

A Trading Period is a minimum time period for new Investors to maintain their funds under a specific PAMM Manager account. It starts with the initial deposit effected in the Manager Account. If you wish your funds to be withdrawn from the PAMM Manager account before the Trading Period has been completed the Penalty Fee will be applied.

The completion of the Trading Period does NOT determine the automatic removal of the Investment.

The remaining Trading Period can be viewed from My Investor Account section, next to the specific PAMM Manager.

In case your equity in a Manager Account drops below 5 USD, your investments will be removed from the PAMM Manager and the remaining equity will no longer participate in trading.

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