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The mixed strategy combines the Absolute Return Fund with non-correlated strategies employed by an exceptional group of external traders to create a diversified reference portfolio. Relying on the groups extensive trading expertise, we continually evaluate thousands of systems and traders. Those selected to work with AT Capital must meet strict criteria. We analyse their track records before choosing who to partner with based on each individual traders endurance, stability and consistency of returns. Our company constantly monitors each traders daily performance and readjusts the allocation of the portfolio according to their risk/ return ratio. Individual traders employ their own risk management rules although AT Capital adds another layer of risk management through our own policies. As a result, risk is managed on both the trade and account levels which leads to profits remaining within target parameters. The diversification of risk within this portfolio also helps to ensure more consistent performance.

Minimum Deposit Amount: $ 100
Minimum Top-up Amount: $ 100

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  •   Balance $0.0
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  •   Equity $0.0
  •   Margin $0.0
  •   Margin Free $0.0
  •   Deposits $144.46
  •   Withdrawals $-144.46
  •   Profit $0.0
  •   Floating P/L 0.0
  •   Avg. Profit Trade $0.0
  •   Avg. Loss Trade $0.0
  •   Max. Drawdown 0.0%
  •   Last Update 2018-09-05 13:26:52
  • Account Open Date: 25/09/2013

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